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A ceiling track system comprises at least one rail with fixtures and fittings; it can include additional components like turntables and H-Systems, tailored to meet client and building needs. It’s modularity allows for flexibility during installation and facilitates easy recycling.

The Mackworth system finds applications in various settings, including private residences, hospitals, educational institutions, nursing and care homes, treatment and clinical centers, and leisure centers. It enhances patient mobility and creates a conducive working environment for carers and clinical staff.

The system occupies no floor space, generates minimal noise, and is always available for use. The system offers flexibility, meeting most client needs while accommodating environmental constraints within buildings and rooms. The system can be installed: ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or mounted on floor posts; providing versatile solutions for various settings.

Available Motors:

  • TX600 Manual Traverse
  • TX600 Powered Traverse