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When assessing the need for a ceiling track hoist system, it is crucial to comprehend both the user’s and the patient’s requirements and mobility levels. The following aspects need to be taken into account:

  • ⇨ Can the patient bear weight?
  • ⇨ What are the capabilities and mobility levels of both the patient and the user?
  • ⇨ Review all the users (carers) who will be utilizing the system with the patient.

Understanding User and Patient Requirements

It is essential to determine the objectives for the user and patient following the installation of the ceiling track hoist system. The primary purpose of the system is to facilitate patient transfers from one area to another, whether within the same room or to a different room.

Understanding the reasons for installation and pinpointing the specific areas where patient movement is necessary is paramount. Once these requirements are clear, it is crucial to inspect the area for potential obstructions, such as pipes, wires, and doorways. Make a note of any obstructions identified during the assessment process.