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1.6 Ceiling Track System Alignment

A very important factor to take into account when installing the track system is alignment and accuracy. For the track system to run smoothly, it must be installed perfectly horizontally for the hoist to traverse with ease, along with a straight line fixing to allow two tracks to successfully link between each other and allow a transition for the hoist to pass between tracks. It is a critical part of ceiling track installation to allow the system to function.

1.6.1 Determining the Joist Positions for Ceiling Track Installation into Timber

The joist positions can be determined below the ceiling using a joist finder. Follow the procedure below to mark out the positions of the joists prior to any installation type into timber. This will make the process and positioning of ceiling track systems installation much easier to navigate and position the fixings.

  • 1. A step ladder is required to gain access to the base of the ceiling.
  • 2. Starting from one side of the room, place the joist finder equipment up against the ceiling and move across.
  • 3. Once the first joist is found, the direction of the joist can be easily determined by moving the joist finder around the area.
  • 4. When the first joist and direction is determined, the room can be marked onto a drawing.
  • 5. Measure the area of the room and mark the distance to the first joist from a wall.
  • 6. Move the joist finder along the ceiling until the next joist has been found.
  • 7. Mark the second joist distance from the first.
  • 8. Continue until all joists have been discovered and marked onto the drawing to provide a clear view of the ceiling above.

1.6.2 Aligning the Track System Horizontally

When a track system is installed up against the ceiling, it is not unusual for a ceiling to be slanted. To remedy this issue, a laser can be used to determine which track bracket is at the lowest height, from here, the remaining brackets must all be lowered to align horizontally with the lowest bracket. To do this, track bracket spacers are used to space between the ceiling and the track bracket to lower the height. Use as many track bracket spacers as required to ensure that all the track brackets become aligned horizontally. This can be seen using the laser.

The track bracket spacers are available in multiple sizes, from 2mm to 20mm. They are available for the 55mm and 110mm bracket spacer.

55mm Bracket Spacer