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1.2 Track Bends Fixing Requirements

Single Track bends to allow a system to change direction. Bends are available in angles: 15⁰, 22.5⁰, 45⁰ and 90⁰.

Track bends are only available in the lengths stated below and are required to have additional fixings for security.

15⁰, 22.5⁰ and 45⁰ Bends require a minimum of 4 fixing points; evenly distributed along their respective length. A 90⁰ Bend requires a minimum of 5 fixing points; ensuring the additional fixing is placed directly at the centre of the Bend. See image for reference.

Track Bends can be cut to length to suit installation requirements but must only be cut along the straight section of Track, this section must be 100mm from the beginning of the bend in the Track.

It is recommended that when fixing Track Bends with Straight Track, Straight Track is cut to length to allow the Track Bend to be fitted. The Track Bend may be required to be cut when placed at the end of the Track System, (i.e. the Track Bend will be up against the wall) in this scenario, the Track Bend can be cut to the required length.

When cutting a Track Bend, the final Bracket will still need to be fitted to the end of the Track if the Overhang exceeds 250mm.