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Ceiling Track Installation
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When there is no loft space and there in no access to the joists from above or below, the installation method for the ceiling track will follow the procedure below when the ceiling track runs parallel or diagonal with the joists. If the track runs perpendicular, section 3.3 will suffice for successful installation. Section 3.3 may also be suitable for some diagonal fixings where preferred.

It is not permitted for a single joist to suspend a track system, therefore during the ceiling marking out, section 1.6.4, the track should be positioned between two joists, at worst case, 2/3 towards one of the two joists. A steel bar will be used to suspend the track between the two joists on the underside of the ceiling as there is no access above the ceiling.

Follow the process below for track installation.

1. From section 1.6.4, the track bracket location has been determined. From here the centre of the two joists either side of the track bracket location should be marked out.
2. Use a laser to ensure that the two joists are marked out horizontally.
3. Drill out the two joist positions with a 8mm diameter drill bit to a depth of 90mm.
4. A piece of steel bar must be cut to length to be fixed to the ceiling between the joists.
5. Once the steel bar is cut, the two fixing positions must be marked out and drilled to 12.5mm.
6. The marked-out position of the track bracket must also be drilled out from the steel bar.
7. Place the M12x25 bolt through the centre hole of the steel bar from its top face. (the bolt head will sit inside the ceiling)
8. Attach the track bracket to the steel bar directly onto the bolt and secured below using a half nut. Loctite 270 should be used to retain the nut.
9. Angle the track bracket in the intended direction of travel, this will depend on whether the track is installed parallel or diagonal to the joists. (this can be adjusted at the end of installation)
10. Place the steel bar up onto the ceiling and secure using the 12.0x100mm coach bolts.

Repeat all relevant steps to fit the next track bracket, ensure the gap between the two fixings are suitable to the section 1.1.