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Flange clamps is the method used to fix the ceiling track onto a C-Section beam steelwork. Always ensure that the flange clamp is being installed onto good condition steelwork, ensure that no cracks or other weaknesses are found during placement.

The fixing point for each flange clamp (along the full track installation) should be determined to ensure that the installation is suitable. There are two methods of fixing the flange clamps to the steelworks, this depending on the required location of the track bracket.

The processes below can be followed as a guide on how to correctly install the flange clamps onto a steel C-Section beam.

See section 4.1 for guidance on how to mark out the track bracket positions on the ceiling correctly before fixing any flange clamps to the steelwork.

4.4.1 Fixing the Flange Clamps Directly onto a Singular C-Section Beam

When the track is to run perpendicular or diagonal to the C-Section beams, this fixing method is used to secure the track bracket with flange clamps. It is also used when the track runs parallel but is located directly below the C-Section beam. This means that the fixing will only require a singular C-Section beam. Follow the guidance below for the correct fixing method.

1. Place the flange clamp directly onto the C-Section beam and tighten the bolt until the clamp is solid and secure.
2. Ensure that the flange clamp has been positioned correctly on the beam as shown in the diagram, the gripping point must be at its maximum.
3. A piece of threaded bar can be cut to length from the flange clamp to the height of the ceiling, leaving enough length for fixings at either end.
4. Place the threaded bar through the flange clamp and secure at the top face using a flanged back nut.
5. Place the retaining strip up against the under face of the flange clamp (on the threaded bar) and secure it on the back face of the C-Section steel by fixing it with a self-tapping screw. See diagram for reference.
6. Place a flanged back nut onto the threaded bar securing the retaining strip in place against the flange clamp.
7. Place a flanged back nut at the bottom end of the threaded bar and attach the track bracket directly below, (either a single 55mm threaded hole or a double 110mm bracket threaded hole depending on whether the bracket is securing a single track or two joining tracks), secure with a M12 half nut at the ceiling end, applying Loctite 270 to the half nut.
8. The track bracket should become flush with the ceiling and box section.