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1.3 Installation Room Assessment

Prior to any Installation, a thorough Assessment must be completed to ensure that the Installation is possible and safe. Ensure that this process has occurred, and that the relevant information has been provided to the Installation Engineer prior to Installation.

The Installation Engineer must perform further assessments when installing the Track System. This includes a pre-installation room assessment to ensure that no obstacles will cause an issue during and after installation. This assessment must also be done in the Ceiling/False Ceiling. This includes obstacles such as Light Fixings, Smoke Detectors, Sprinklers, Doorways and other Track Systems.

When fixing more complex systems such as H-Systems, the assessment must include the full traveling area that the Track and Hoist system will cover.

It is not always possible to fit a Ceiling Track fixing in the desired location. Always ensure that when relocating the fixing, it remains within the maximum permitted Span length of the Track. It may be necessary to reduce the distance between the fixings and fit an additional fixing for secure installation.

For further details on Installation Room Assessments, see the Ceiling Track Systems Survey Document.