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Ceiling Track Installation
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Once the track is installed, the safety bolt, end cap and end stop must be installed to complete the ceiling track installation. These must be installed at both ends of the ceiling track system to ensure that the hoist cannot exit the ceiling track system.

Prior to fitting these parts, the hoist and charging dock must be installed into the ceiling track system, see hoist installation manual for correct hoist and charger installation.

Firstly an 8.5mm hole must be drilled into the centre of the ceiling track, 25mm from the end face. See drawing below for exact hole position for each track type.

Insert the end stop into the track with the hoist bumper leading.

Align the safety bumper inside the track and place the safety bolt through the drilled hole to secure the bumper in place, the safety bolt can be secured with the nut on the other side of the track. Two 13mm spanners are required for this action.

The end stop must be moved into position directly in front of the safety bolt. Secure the end stop using a 5mm Allen key to tighten the two screws.

Place the end cap at the end of the track as shown, the profile should match up with the track and allow simple fitting.

This process should be repeated at both ends of the ceiling track system to secure the hoist.