FSG440 (Portable Gantry)
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FSG Assembly and Adjustment – 4.0

This section will cover the following guidelines on how to assemble and disassemble the FSG.

Prior to assembly, the components must be visually checked to ensure that no parts are damaged. If any parts are damaged and will affect the assembly, intended use or safety of the user, do not assemble the FSG and contact your local authorised dealer. Failure to comply with this caution could result in a serious injury to the operator, the individual being lifted and/or damage to the FSG and/or accessories.


Follow the guidance below on the correct assembly of the FSG. A two person assembly is recommended.


1. Carefully open the box and remove all loose parts and excess packaging from the box.

2. Place one of the foot plate onto a level surface (Floor). Remove the Star Handle from its fixing.

3. Insert the bottom of the Support Post into the foot.

Please ensure both hands are on the Supporting post when locating it in the foot, possible risk of finger trap.



4. Taking the star handle bolt, insert it into the foot plate and Support Post and tighten it up.

Note:  Repeat this process with the other foot and support post. Once both Support posts have been married up with their feet. Place them at approximately 2.5 meters apart.  


Mackworth recommend that two people should carry out the two following section


5. Place the Track on the Support Posts, using the Locating Pin to align the track up with the posts. 













6. Secure the track in position by using the star handled blots to fix the track to the supporting Posts.



There shouldn’t be any lateral movement between these two parts once fully tightened


7. To extend the height of the gantry. At either end remove the safety pin and Lynch pin. Then using one hand to press the latch open and the other hand to push the track upwards, adjust the track to the required height


8.Once you are happy with the height of the gantry, release the latch and using two hands on the track lower it until the latch locates into a position height hole.



Make sure both Support posts are set to the same height number. 



9. Insert the safety pin back into both support posts.



10. Secure the safety pins in position with a Lynch pin.



11. If required. Turn the level adjuster at either end of the feet to prevent rocking or movement of the FSG.




These are here for minor adjustment only