FSG440 (Portable Gantry)
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5.0 – Disposal

When the Gantry has completed its life cycle and can no longer perform to its intended use safely, the product must be decommissioned by an approved Service Engineer. The following specifies the importance of correct disposal procedure including local laws and being environmentally friendly.

Please observe the local laws on recycling and respect the current laws for disposal within the community the device is being used within. If there is any uncertainty of the below guidelines, contact your local authorities to determine the proper method of disposal of potentially biohazardous parts and accessories.

The relevant components utilized in the manufacture of the device that can be recycled at the end of the device life are:

Fully recyclables:

Aluminum Feet
Aluminum Legs
Aluminum Track
Metallic fixing – screws etc.
Initial packaging of the device (cardboard)