FSG440 (Portable Gantry)
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3.0 – Servicing 

To be completed by Approved Service Engineer


Maintenance should be completed by an approved service engineer every 6 months to ensure the products required standard is maintained. The service history of the product should be documented each service.

When Servicing the Gantry, ensure to fill out the Service Log which is located in the back of the User Manual. When doing so, ensure the Serial Number of the Product and the User Manual match up. Each Gantry has its designated User Manual which is supplied to the User during commissioning.


Component Service/Inspection required

Visual inspection of the external of the Gantry. Significant damage that may affect the function of the Gantry along with a clear safety hazard is unacceptable.
Check the Labelling on the Gantry to ensure they are all still legible, this includes the Serial Number and other important markings.
Clean the Gantry at the end of each service. See User Manual for cleaning details.
Check all main nuts and bolts to see if they are loose, if so tighten accordingly.
Ensure all Hand Knobs are functioning as intended and without damaged thread.

Gantry Assembly: Ensure that the Installation of the legs, feet and track is correct and fitted properly, ensure to tighten the star knobs where necessary.

Inspect the Feet for damage including cracks or bending.
Ensure that the feet are flat on the floor, adjust the self-levelling screws where necessary.

Ensure height adjustment to the Legs are moving freely and is not jamming.
Ensure that the locking pins are secured in place with the clips.
Ensure that the two Legs are set to the same height for a horizontal track.
Track and Trolley

Examine the Trolley to ensure that it rotates smoothly.
Examine the Trolley to ensure that it is able to traverse along the track smoothly.
Ensure that the track is able to adjust in length smoothly.