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The TX600 spare parts manual is a comprehensive guide that provides detailed information about the spare parts used in the TX600 machinery. It includes a parts list, descriptions, illustrations. It is a valuable resource for technicians and maintenance personnel to effectively repair and maintain the TX600 equipment.
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TX600 (Fixed Motor)
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9.17    E-Lower cord

Within this section it will explain the correct procedure on removing and reinstalling the E-Lower Cord for servicing procedures or replacement.


Step 1 – Remove external covers off the Hoist. (refer to section 9.1)

Step 2 – Remove the Battery from the battery brackets. (refer to section (9.3)

Step 3 – Remove QRS Hook. (Refer to section 9.6)

Step 4 – Remove Bottom cover from Hoist. (Refer to section 9.7)

Step 5 – Use 3mm Allen Key to remove the two M5 x 10 CSK screws. (Arrowed)

Step 6 – Unhook the E-Lower Cord from the Toggle Switch within the Chassis as shown.

Step 8 – The E-Lower Cord can now be removed through the slit in the Chassis.


Refitting / Replacement

Step 9 – Refitting is a reversal of the removal process noting the following point:


1. When inserting the E-Lower Cord through the Slit, ensure the labelled face is facing the Lift Motor.

2. To re-attach the Toggle Switch to the Chassis, you must align the Toggle Switch threaded holes with the holes in the Chassis and attach using the 3mm Allen Key and M5 x 10 CSK Screws.