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TX600 – Spare Parts Manual
The TX600 spare parts manual is a comprehensive guide that provides detailed information about the spare parts used in the TX600 machinery. It includes a parts list, descriptions, illustrations. It is a valuable resource for technicians and maintenance personnel to effectively repair and maintain the TX600 equipment.
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TX600 (Fixed Motor)
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9.1    External Covers

This section will instruct the correct procedure on how to remove and replace the External Covers.



Step 1 – Using a Pozi Screwdriver, loosen the four screws (Arrowed), the screws do not need to be removed.

Step 2 – Use a slotted screwdriver to remove the two brass screws. (Arrowed)

Step 3 – Gently remove the cover away from the Hoist.

Step 4 – Rotate the Hoist 180 degrees and gently position the Hoist in the below orientation. Be careful positioning the Hoist on the Lift Motor.

Step 5 – Using a slotted screwdriver remove the two brass screws from the second cover. (Arrowed)

Step 6 – Gently remove the cover away from the Hoist.

Step 7 – (Quick Release Trolley System Hoists only) – While removing the Cover, ensure to disconnect the charging lead from the PCB.


 Refitting / Replacement

 Step 8 – Refitting is a reversal of the removal process noting the following points:

1. Make sure the profile edge marries up with the bottom cover.

2. Ensure the slots on the top side of the cover align with pozi screws.

3. Ensure you fit the brass screws first on both covers prior to tightening the four pozi screws.