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TX600 – Training Manual
TX600 – Commissioning Manual
TX600 – Spare Parts Manual
The TX600 spare parts manual is a comprehensive guide that provides detailed information about the spare parts used in the TX600 machinery. It includes a parts list, descriptions, illustrations. It is a valuable resource for technicians and maintenance personnel to effectively repair and maintain the TX600 equipment.
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TX600 (Fixed Motor)
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1.0   Safety Precautions


Read and understand this manual in its entirety before installing the Ceiling Track Hoist.

The information in this manual is important for the safety of anyone near the TX Hoist and must be read and understood to help prevent injuries.


The TX Hoist has been specifically designed to be installed in both the professional and home health care environments.


No matter the environment, health and safety factors should be considered to ensure the safety and essential performance of the hoist and to avoid unnecessary damage or injuries to people within the area of the hoist.


Typical examples include radiated heat (e.g. from a heater or fire place), excessive moisture impacting electrical performance (e.g. from a bathroom or kitchen area) and the correct storage of the hoist after use (e.g. handset position on the carry bar).


The hoist is not intended to be used in environments where there are rapid changes in the environmental temperature and humidity during intended use.


Any commissioning or decommissioning of the Hoist that has not been carried out by an authorised Mackworth personnel will void the product warranty.


– Mackworth authorised personnel must be the only Engineers who Commission and Decommission the TX Hoist.


– The Hoist must be turned OFF during installation and removal for the safety of the Engineer and Customer. 


– Always ensure suitable clearance when installing and removing a Hoist into/from a Ceiling Track.


– Ensure that all the below procedures are followed correctly as instructed in this manual.


– All listed tools and equipment stated in this manual must be used to safely commission and decommission the Hoist.


– The TX Hoist has been specifically designed to be installed in both the professional and home health care environments only and should not be installed elsewhere.



Unauthorized modifications on any Mackworth product may affect its safety. The manufacturer will not be held responsible for any accident, incident or deficiencies of performance that occur as a result of any unauthorized modification to its products.